The Best Burger Joints In Atlanta

When you think of the best food scene, most people don’t automatically think of Atlanta. Unfortunately that’s where you’re wrong. Atlanta’s food scene is growing faster than ever. Over the last few years hubs and I have been rating burger joints on our iPhone notes, and as self-proclaimed foodies we think we’ve finally perfected out list. So here it goes, the best burger joints in Atlanta in order, by the self-proclaimed foodies. So run. Don’t walk.


It all started at Holeman and Finch Public House where only 24 burgers were available at promptly 10 PM every night. Until just a few years ago, people would line up outside just to sample the burger. Not too long ago, H&F opened their burger supply up to all day, and all was perfect in the world. Well now it’s even more perfect. Though H&F Public House has gone back to limiting their burgers (24 at lunch and 24 at dinner) they’ve opened a burger bar at Ponce City Market, so now you can have the famous burger and enjoy one of the city’s most popular spots. What’s so special about the burger? A griddle double cheese burger topped with red onion and house-made pickles, served on a fresh bun with from-scratch ketchup and mustard on the side. It’s the BEST, trust me. Pro-tip: the ponce city location is self seating, so don’t get in the line unless you want your burger to-go. 

2. BURGER 21

Burger 21 is a modern, fast-casual restaurant and it has everything going for it. A lot of gourmet burger restaurants are limited when it comes with the menu, but not Burger 21. The menu has well over 20 varieties of burgers, not to mention 8 different types of fries, yummy shakes and sundaes, and you can’t forget their huge sauce bar (thai ketchup? yummy!)  Even though we haven’t gotten through the whole burger menu just yet, our two favorites are the Cinco burger and Burger 101. The family-friendly environment and the huge menu will make Burger 21 one of your favorite burger restaurants!


Grub Burger Bar is one of the coolest burger joints we’ve ever been to. The counter order system and the massive bar in the middle of the restaurant is super weird, good weird. The environment seems really family-friendly but don’t under-estimate their signature cocktails, I don’t know about you, but I’m all for a yummy margarita, sugar on the rim please. We’ve only been to Grub’s once, but it automatically made it on the list. We can’t wait to work our way through the menu, burgers– yum!


We love supporting local businesses, and Grindhouse is one of our own. It was created by an Emory graduate and former real-estate attorney. In their first year of business, people used to line up for their fresh ground beef fix, and trust me I would too. Now Grindhouse is at it’s 5th location and growing day by day. Their menu has a mix of “create your own” options and a list of Grindhouse originals I love the Gringo style burger. The Grindhouse on piedmont is our personal favorite because we love the outdoor seating, but I heard the downtown Athens location has a killer rooftop bar. If you’re burger enthusiasts like us, you’ll appreciate the beauty of Grindhouse.


1986 in Arlington, VA is where it all started, many years later, they have about 1,500 locations all over the world. When you’re craving a juicy, meaty burger this is where you need to go. Here are some interesting facts about the Five Guys chain; 1. they only use fresh ground beef. 2. they only use peanut oil. 3. There are no freezers in Five Guys locations, just coolers. Their burgers aren’t the only thing I love, their hot-dogs are also amazing. Best part is, they’re on every street. convenient and delicious? I’m in. 


Burgers are cool. So get in the car, and race your way through these amazing burger joints.

If you guys are interested in more “Best _____ in Atlanta” let me know via Instagram or comment below, we need an excuse to eat our way through the A.

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