Happy almost December! As you may know, and if you follow me on Instagram you may have even seen, that I was ready for December super early this year– yeah, like mid November early. I just couldn’t resist decorating and enjoying the decorations for a little bit longer than usual this year. The holidays can be a stressful and very busy time, and with that being said I think its very important to spend time with people that you love the most. This year Aziz and I will be celebrating our fourth holiday season together, and every year we try to do something special to remember the year by. Last year was our first year celebrating the holidays as a married couple, so that was special in itself and this year is our first as a family of three (if you didn’t know, we’re proud puppy parents of Pluto– our seven month old Jack Russell Terrier!) Here are some of our preexisting holiday traditions, AND some we would like to add this year.

  1. Decorate our home together: Now, this is a given for the two of us because we have been on this home decor journey together for years. We both kind of have an eye for homes and decor (it’s what Aziz does for a living), and I’ve picked it up being with him for many years. BUT decorating for the holidays is extremely special for me. I ALWAYS had a Christmas tree growing up, Aziz didn’t grow up celebrating Christmas so I always try to make it magical for him in our home.
  2. Late night hot chocolate dates: I’m not a coffee girl, so I love it when it gets cooler out and everyone else is also in hot chocolate mode, like I am all year. We love cuddling up on our couch and enjoying a cup of homemade hot chocolate together. It reminds us of the old days, we would stay out late at a coffee shop when it was freezing outside and drink hot chocolate just so we could spend some extra time together.
  3. Holiday movies: I kind of started watching Christmas movies without Aziz this year, only because he refused to watch them until after Thanksgiving. Now thats it’s officially holiday season we love watching the classics. Our favorites are The Santa Clause (Tim Allen is hilarious), and Elf (I swear, Buddy the Elf is my spirit animal!)
  4. DIY Advent Calendar: A few years back we purchased an advent calendar (similar to this one) and every year Aziz takes the even numbers and I take the odds and we write a special message to each other. Every night of December leading up to christmas we open them up together. It could be anything, a love note, a chocolate to share, or just a sweet message to the other person. It’s hands down my favorite tradition that we have, and I look forward to it every year!
  5. Hosting family get-togethers: We love having our families over any time of the year but especially on Christmas because it is just such a special time of year. We love  hosting a meal in honor of this magical season. Usually we have our family over for Christmas Eve but this year we are going mix it up and have a Christmas brunch. Can’t wait to see everyone and pass out gifts on Christmas morning!

These are just a few of the traditions we’ve kept alive in our home! As always I want to hear from YOU! What are some of your favorite holiday traditions? Do we share some of the same traditions? Be sure to leave a comment below of your holiday traditions, or DM me on Instagram — I would love to chat!






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Posted on October 17, 2018


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