Christmas Tree decorating is what I live for. Well, not really — but it is my absolute favorite season of the year and I really put all my creative juices to work when I’m decorating. I’ve been decorating our family tree for as long as I can imagine. We’re not Christians, so my parents never really understood why I loved putting a tree up every year, but they also never forbid me for doing so. I like to think of Christmas more of a time of family, love, and togetherness and that’s why every year I try and put together a tree that embodies that.

Now that I have my own home with my husband, I really go all out, to make up for all the years my husband, Aziz, didn’t have a Christmas tree, and because it reminds me of so many happy childhood memories. I even go back to my parents house to decorate their tree! Every year I try to outdo the last year and I am constantly looking for unique ideas to make this year the most special. Over the years I’ve come up with some really unique ways to help my tree stand out more than others I’ve seen.

Here are my top 5 tips to make your Christmas Tree more unique:

1. Think “modern-traditional”

For many years I’ve stayed away from the traditional red & gold christmas colors. I always thought that red would make the tree look too traditional and grandma looking. Until, last year when I derived my inspiration from this beautiful red, pre-lit bow that I found at Home Depot (linked below). I knew I just had to have it, so I added some more red accents to tie it all together. I combined a few red ornaments and a faux fur red tree skirt and the tree came together. Wah-lah, this ain’t your average grandma christmas tree. 

2. Switch out your star

A few years back when I was decorating my very first tree with my then boyfriend, now husband, I searched for something different to put at the top of the tree. In past years, while putting the star atop my parents tree I always struggled with the star looking a little lopsided, or it didn’t match well with the theme that year, so when buying some new ornaments with Aziz I came across a giant silver bow at Hobby Lobby.

Since that year, I’ve only used bows to top off my tree. It’s such a unique way to finish off the tree, all while keeping the traditional look. A few other tree toppers I’ve seen are snowman hats, or even lots of different tree picks arranged at the top. All are adorable ways to complete the tree, but I think the bow has become a tradition in my family.

3. Boring ornaments in the back

In order for your tree to look more full, you have to follow this trick. Use the ornaments that you get in the set of like 100 or something and place them towards the back of your tree in sparse areas, especially the reflective ones. This will give the illusion of your tree being more full and you can display your more special ornaments towards the front.

4. Pick a theme

Now this is kind of obvious, you should pick two or three specific colors you want to make your tree this year. But by theme I don’t always mean color.

For the last two years I’ve had not just one tree in our house, but I’ve actually managed to convince my husband that we need two Christmas trees. I like to go with the more traditional colors in my living room, which is the heart of our home and the red and gold makes it feel super cozy.

With our second tree, which is in the formal dining room, I like to experiment a little with. This year I used my fall tablescape as my inspiration. The white pumpkins and the rustic flowers were giving me total Cinderella vibes. I added some copper and rose gold ornaments to those beautiful accents and I’m obsessing over how it turned out (see below). 

5. Size matters

Every tree is beautiful, they all take effort and time to put together, but what really makes a tree stand out is all the special stuff hiding in it. Go a little further than the traditional size that comes in the bulk packages, and invest in some larger ornaments. I love these beaded ornaments I snagged from Hobby Lobby this year. They are slightly oversized and give my living room tree so much dimension. I also love using custom ornaments that represent anything personal, for example, a marquee ornament with your initial on it, or a cute camera ornament to show families love of taking pictures — it draws so much attention to your tree and really makes it one of a kind.


Red pre-lit bow

7.5 ft. Wintery pine artificial tree

Burlap & White bow

Burlap pre-lit bow






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  1. Jessica Camerata
    2 months ago

    Your tree turned out beautiful! Great tips, always love adding lots of different sized ornaments!

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita


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